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WONCA Europe Conference 2024 would like to promote sustainable development and global responsibility in different ways:

The aim is to encourage environmentally friendly behaviours and to raise awareness on the importance of a healthy environment.

  • Manage to keep all Conference materials to minimum
  • No plastic Badges will be provided at the Registration, but only recycled and eco-friendly badge holders
  • The Programme will be not printed but available on the Conference website and in Conference application
  • The signage will include mainly digital signage
  • Manage to avoid food waste during the Conference
  • Water dispensers will be available at the venue
  • The Faculty hotel and the Staff hotel will be located conveniently within walking distance from the venue which is also easily reached by public transportation
  • Care about the delegates (WONCA Run for health, yoga ..)
  • Conference avoid using unnecessary decorations that might create excessive waste

Sustainable WONCA Europe 2024 Conference venue - the Convention Centre Dublin

The vision of the CCD is to become Ireland’s most sustainable venue and a leading expert in sustainable event delivery in Europe.

WONCA Europe Conference 2024 strongly encourages attendees to help reduce the environmental impact of their participation by considering the following:

  • Using sustainable travelling to visit the Conference
  • Booking accessible accommodation nearby the conference venue to reduce carbon footprint (accommodation options will be available on the website with the opening of the on-line registration)
  • Avoiding the distribution of flyers or other printed materials
  • Using the Confrence application (instead of printing) for creation of personal programme
  • Bringing own reusable water bottle/ coffee cup
  • Returning the name badge lanyard after the conference (will be used next year)
  • Managing the process of avoiding the food waste
  • Applying a strict waste separation

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